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What a pilot cycle Business Beyond Borders (BBB) had! From February 2017 to November 2018, BBB hosted 10 matchmaking events
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BBB Vision Facts
Road to VISION Stuttgart – Six Facts You Need to Know About Machine Vision
On the surface, the machine vision industry can seem intimidating. Though it is complex and perhaps more obscure than other
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BBB Profile – Tomas Urbonas, SONARO
Business Beyond Borders (BBB) was at CeBIT in Sydney, Australia, back in May 2018. The one the one-stop shop for
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Looking back at the BBB event at REI Expo 2018
During the week of 17-21 of September 2018, Business Beyond Borders (BBB) travelled to New Delhi and Greater Noida, India,
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Top Funding and Prize Competition Opportunities for SMEs from Across Europe
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the EU economy, making up for 99% of the European businesses.
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BBB Partner Profile – Introducing the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP)
One of the main goals of Business Beyond Borders initiative is to help SMEs and Clusters in Europe expand their
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Up-and-Coming Trends Shaping the Machine Tools and Metalworking Manufacturing Industry
Next week the Business Beyond Borders (BBB) initiative will host another flagship event. This time, we’ll be in Iran to
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Looking back at the BBB Event at FIDAE – by Monica Miguel-Lago, EARSC
As we prepare for next Business Beyond Borders matchmaking event – AMB Iran (26-29 June, Tehran), registration now open –,
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ROAD TO AMB IRAN 2018: Key Facts of the EU Machine Tools Industry
We have just returned from Australia, where we helped European and international SMEs and clusters find new business opportunities during
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EU – Australia Trade Highlights
We are one week away from our next Business Beyond Borders (BBB) event for SMEs and Clusters, where we will
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